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CKV Photography

Besides my work as a professional photographer, I also teach Photography at the Huygens Lyceum in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.  They always start with a comprehensive creative process and they also follow various workshops in the field of photography and creative technology.

Below you will find the most recent work of my students.

2016-2017 CKV Presentation

2016-2017 Staged Photography 2
Licht onderzoek

2016-2017 Staged Photography 1
Light in the Darkness

2015-2016 CKV Presentation
Urban Exploring

2014-2015 CKV Presentation
The Flying Dutchman 2 (30x45)

2014-2015 Staged Photography 1
Laat niet los

2013-2014 CKV Presentation

2012-2013 CKV Presentation
Menselijkheid, eenzaam en verbonden

2012-2013 Staged Photography 1