Project: Unfamiliar territory

It’s time! It feels wonderful that some of my photographic artwork from my project with the name Unfamiliar territory will be visible to the public at my upcoming exposition.

Onbekend Terrein DS Bouw Funderingstechniek

After the Art academy, I mainly worked on my free work. My photographic works were characterized by emptiness and deserted spaces. I often photographed in an industrial context. I was especially concerned with industry deprived of an idyllic landscape. How, for example, an oil refinery can determine the landscape because many of the installations are not walled. At a given time, the rather aesthetic images have taken place for the stories from the inside of these sctructures. Inside these places, people are actutually working on creating and processing materials we use daily.

Unfamiliar territory is about living in a world where we are increasingly used to getting in touch with a final product. We are estranged from touching raw materials needed in the manufacture of a product.

My goal is to show in a series of images what kind of unknown environments produce these products and how much energy and manpower is needed for the production. As a spectator, one can become more aware by making the unknown acquaintance. This may make you more savvy, less reckless, less generalizing and can help you make more sustainable choices.

These images are just the beginning of a long journey to unknown workplaces. My thanks to all participating companies, which I was welcome to photograph, is very big. Thanks to them, I can introduce others to these unknown places and the work that takes place here.

Bakker Meelmuts – Eindhoven, 2017
DS Bouw – Schiedam, 2017
Nyrstar, Budel – Dorplein, 2017
van Baarsen – Amsterdam, 2017

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